Skimguard Traveller Offer

What is a SkimGuard Traveller card?

The SkimGuard Traveller card protects personal details on credit/debit cards and biometric passports from being stolen by criminals with long-range data skimming scanners.

Your identity and credit card details are vulnerable and exposed to digital theft.

Today’s credit and debit cards have what’s known as NFC technology built into them. it’s the gateway used for Contactless cards, such as Visa payWave, American Express Expresspay, and MasterCard PayPass. Great for consumers as it facilitates fast and easy payments, but also very convenient for credit card scammers and identity thieves.

Using sophisticated, compact skimming devices, thieves in close proximity can lift (or skim) your card details in seconds. Within minutes you’re hacked, your identity is compromised, and your card details can be used to make unsolicited purchases. It’s that easy. Consumers and card holders are at risk to an alarming extent.

To defend against these crimes, senior consultants to the USA National Crime Prevention Authority developed anti-skimming technologies.

SkimGuard utilises the technology developed by NCPA to guard against skimming and protect your personal and financial details.

How do I qualify for a FREE SkimGuard Traveller Card?

Spend over £30 (excluding delivery charges) and you will receive a SkimGuard Traveller card free of charge (worth £14.95). Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. Please note that this free gift may arrive separately from the rest of your order.

This free gift will be added automatically to your order, so there’s no need for you to add the SkimGuard Traveller product code to your order.

This offer is available only whilst stocks last

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